Breakers Cotton Face Mask


Proudly manufactured in Auckland these Cotton Masks are knitted from high quality cotton on our latest technology machines with zero waste, sustainability and 95% seamless finish ensuring minimal human handling.

All Masks are prewashed prior to despatch and are reuseable. These can be washed on a regular cycle with normal washing powder or liquid, and either line dried or in the dryer.

Sizes range as below. The best way to decide your size is to measure ear to ear across the face.

 Small 23 – 25cm
Medium 26 – 28cm
Large 29 – 31cm

Please Note:

These masks are not PPE certified and are not a substitute for N95 masks, respirators or medical devises. They are a consumer product and made for personal use and should be used in conjunction with other tools such as regular hand washing and social distancing.